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FAQs on Carpet Cleaning

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
Many carpet mills recommend having your carpets cleaned once a year. However, it will depend on how many people live in the home, if you have children and/or pets and how often you vacuum your carpets. Many people have their carpets cleaned every 2-3 years. If this is you, we highly recommend vacuuming your carpets every few days in order to preserve the carpet. When soil, debris and pet hair lay on the surface of the carpet and we walk over the area again and again, over time the friction can fray the surface of the carpet. Regular vacuuming can help prevent this issue. In addition, we recommend using a protector on your carpet after it has been professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning is deep cleaning and it is important that you don't leave a lot of detergent and water on the carpet when it is cleaned. If soap/detergent is not properly removed from the carpet it can cause resoiling and make your carpets dirtier quicker.
How long does it take for the carpet to dry?
A variety of factors affect drying times including weather conditions but normally residential carpet takes 6-12 hours of time to dry. Most of our customers find that their carpets are dry by the time they go to bed that evening.
Can you remove any spot or stain?
There is a difference between spots and stains. Stains are permanent and cannot be removed by any process. Spots, however, when properly treated and be removed. We treat a variety of spots including gum, wax, soil, coffee, tea, soda, oil, wine, urine, blood, etc. As part of the consultation and estimate, we will inspect all spots and stains and discuss with you the proper technique for treating the spot.
Do you have hidden or extra charges?
All estimates we give include pre-treatment of all spots and traffic areas as well as the cleaning of the carpet. There are a few unique situations where an additional charge may be applied but those additional charges will be discussed before the work is done.
Can you remove Pet stains and odor?
Pet stains can be a common but complex problem. There are surface stains and odor that can be treated with our regular equipment and special cleaning products. However, many pet stains can soak into the pad and even into the sub-floor. In these severe cases, special equipment and products can be used to treat the stain and odor. In the most severe cases, padding must be replaced, both sides of the carpet need to be steam-cleaned and the sub-floor needs to be treated.

It is important to treat pet stains as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth and discoloration of the carpet.

We will give our recommendation on how to remove any pet problems you may have before we begin the cleaning.
What’s the best way for me to keep my carpet clean between professional cleanings?
Most importantly is to vacuum often! This removes dirt and debris that can cause wearing and creates spots when spills occur. Secondly, treat spills immediately by blotting, not rubbing, the spill with a cloth and water if needed. Stay away from over-the-counter removers which can bleach the spot. If you must, use a very small amount of detergent with water to rinse as much of the detergent out of the carpet. Too much detergent will cause resoiling. Finally, remove shoes at the door or use entry rugs. It can take as many as 20 steps to completely remove all of the soil from the bottom of your shoes.
How do you clean my Upholstery?
We use a special Upholstery tool to clean your upholstery along with the correct cleaning product to remove dirt and spots. Upon inspection we will determine based on the age and type of material, if any special treatments need to be used.
How do you clean Commercial carpet?
We use the hot water extraction method or a dry method. This will depend on the type of carpet, the condition of the carpet and needs of the client. We also offer hard surface cleaning to our commercial customers, including strip & wax, power wash, & tile & grout cleaning.
Do I need a carpet Protector?
We recommend it. The protector applied to your carpet before it was purchased eventually wears off. Reapplying a protector will allow you extra time to clean up spills before they set into the carpet and it also extends the life of your carpet by protecting the high-traffic areas from wear and tear.
Why should I have my Air Ducts cleaned?
We recommend having your air duct system cleaned to remove any dust, dust mites, animal hair/dander, pollen, bacteria and spores that could affect the air you breathe. Your furnace filter does not collect all of the air-born allergen that can be floating around. In addition, your ducts will be open to the flow of air allowing your heating and air conditioning to flow freely.
Does my Mattress need to be cleaned?
Unfortunately, the return of bed bugs has been on the increase. If you have owned your mattress for several years, we recommend having it cleaned to remove any dust, spots or bacteria.

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