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Carpet cleaning has been our primary focus for over 11 years & we've learned a lot about how to clean all types of carpets, remove a multitude of stains including pet odors & urine, & how to preserve the carpet's appearance and life. Using our truck-mounted machine that provides the best in cleaning methods, Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning and the expertise of an owner & operator, you will receive the best in service and cleanliness from 1st Call.

5 Step Carpet Cleaning Method

  1. Pre-Vacuum
  2. Pre-Treat spots & traffic areas
  3. Rinse & Extract
  4. Post Spot, if required
  5. Dry
  6. Optional - Apply Protector

    We can clean a variety of upholsteries including couch, loveseat, chairs, recliners, office chairs, ottomans, leather upholstery, microfiber upholstery and more. We use the same 5-step method on your upholstery to insure the best standard of cleaning

    Having you air ducts cleaned can improve the efficiency of your heating & air conditioning systems. If you've never had your air ducts cleaned you may want to do so in order to remove any dirt, debris & dust mites that might be travelling through the air. Allergens may also be residing in the airways and although air duct cleaning is not proven to improve health, asthma & allergy sufferers may want to consider having their air ducts cleaned if needed. If a room is not being properly heated or cooled it may be due to a blocked airway. Cleaning the entire duct system insures the pathways are cleared. Every once in a while a critter finds their way into the duct system and we use the proper methods to move any critter matter and sanitize the area to prevent any future problems in the ducts. We properly clean the entire system using a 4-step brush process. This helps us to not only vacuum the air but clean the walls of the ducts to remove all the debris.

    MATRESS CLEANINGMattress Cleaning Arvada
    Unfortunately, the return of bed bugs has been on the increase. If you have owned your mattress for several years, we recommend having it cleaned to remove any dust, spots or bacteria.

    Floods & water damage can be frustrating. When it comes to the extent of the damage it can be difficult to tell if all the water has been removed. The result of excess water can be mold growth, odor, warping, discoloration and more. Using our restoration methods, we will ensure that all water has been removed and the proper evaporation and dehumidification processes are put into place to prevent any future problems.

    TILE & GROUT CLEANINGTile and Grout Cleaning
    Do you remember the original color of your grout? Many people think mopping their tile floors is enough to clean them. However, grout is the perfect place for soil and build up to get trapped.

    Getting your tile & grout properly cleaned requires very hot water temperatures (over 200 degrees), a specialized tool that forces over 800 lbs. of pressured water onto the surface and the right cleaning product. Using these proper tools, we can restore your tile and grout to its original appearance.

    Have you noticed the dirt build up on your deck or driveway? Want a deep clean before the first summer bbq? Using the proper tools, including high heat, high pressured water, we can remove dirt and debris from these tough to clean surfaces.

    STRIP & WAX COMMERCIAL FLOORSStrip and Wax Commercial Floors
    You may notice the shine on your floors has worn off. Regular maintenance of hard surface floors by removing or stripping wax from the surface and reapplying a wax coating is crucial to appearance of your office or store floors. We use the proper methods to perform this task ensuring that your floors look and maintain a shiny, smooth look.

    Pet stains can be a common but complex problem. There are surface stains and odor that can be treated with our regular equipment and special cleaning products. However, many pet stains can soak into the pad and even into the sub-floor. In these severe cases, special equipment and products can be used to treat the stain and odor. In the most severe cases, padding must be replaced, both sides of the carpet need to be steam-cleaned and the sub-floor needs to be treated.

    It is important to treat pet stains as soon as possible to prevent bacteria growth and discoloration of the carpet. We will give our recommendation on how to remove any pet problems you may have before we begin the cleaning.